It’s Interesting time for Ecommerce ‘industry’ in Ethiopia for many reasons. The COVID-19 pandemic while changing the world like no another phenomena did perhaps after WWI and WWII , it also showing Ethiopian consumers and regulators the relevance of efficient and well built digital ecosystem. Suddenly buying good and service online and paying your bills via your devices is not a luxury any more.

A regulation called ‘Electronic Transaction’ that provides a legal framework for Electronic Commerce ( Ecommerce) and other related aspects including e-receipts is on the final approval process.

This is very important good news especially when you consider it was only last year November when the Director of the Trade Registration & Licensing Office said ‘‘ Any company can use modern technology such as giving online delivery services to widen their source of income. Other than supporting companies that are already in the restaurant business, the Ministry does not recognize food delivery providers.”

Government eagerness and readiness to push for Digital activities in Ethiopia at it’s pick. The long awaited Payment instrument Issuers directives that was expected to open the mobile money and fintech space for non banks and MFIs is issued now. Finally Ethio Telcom or any other local Fintech startups and companies can operate legally. This will definitively add to the dynamics of the Fintech landscape and hopefuly provides more and better avenue for people to buy online.

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NBE also working on another directive called “Payment System Operator” that will regulate Payment Aggregators, online payment processors, non-bank automated teller machines (ATM), payment switch operators, PoS Operators, m-PoS operators. You add the Draft Data protection law is just shared to stakeholders and the multiple working groups that are set up by goverment and the private sector participants to push for Digital adoption, you can see that the goverment clearly realized it’s not more choice to develop the Digital space including digital payment and eCommerce.

It’s with this context that we are reviewing eCommerce platforms in Ethiopia. Ecommerce by it’s definition buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions. So it’s very wide topics that might include hundreds of distributed commerce channels in Telegram and Facebook but also the more institutionalized ones that provides via there own developed platforms.

Here we are trying to cover the later ones and it is important to mention by no means this review represent the whole eCommerce scene and every player in it. We will be publishing more pieces in upcoming editions that are aimed identifying and assessing the sector as well so keep a look out.

Majority of the platforms covered here are Business to Consumer Ecommerce sites while a few of them also serve Businesses along the side. Also a couple of the the marketplaces included here can be putted as Consumer to Consumer (C2C) sites.

It is also worthwhile to mention that we have tried to focus on demand delivery ecomerce platforms but also added major market places.

That being said, let’s go directly to the platforms directly and we hope you can use some of this platforms while you are trying to stay home.

Deliver Addis

,,Deliver Addis is a premier food delivery service startup in Ethiopia also now delivers Drinks, Flowers and as well groceries. Deliver Addis works with more than 70 restaurants in Addis Abeba.

At Delivery Addis you can order online and pay either in cash on delivery or use mobile Banking payment options available which include CBE, Nib, Zemen and Amole. Delivery price ranges from 50 to 90 ET based on kilometer. ( This pricing is a discounted one because of COVID19 ). Deliver Addis is available on Web, Play Store and App Store.


Zmall is a product for ETTA ( which also provides Ride hailing and Music Streaming services) and  is one of the fast growing eCommerce platform. Zmall delivers food from various restaurant, groceries from major supermarkets and as well Beverages, Flowers and beauty supplies.

Zmall accept Amole and cash on delivery and it’s available on web, play store and app Store. Delivery price starts usually from 50 ETB( 0-3 km ) and additional 10 ETB per km.


,,Asbeza Delivery is an Online Grocery Shopping and delivery Service with all categories ranging from fruits, vegetables and groceries. Asebeza accept cash on Delivery as well us Paypal and they are available on Web, Play Store and App Store.

Up to 1,000 Birr orders for the next day delivery, delivery price is 96birr. And for the same-day delivery, the delivery price is 160 Birr. The delivery fee increases as your order quantity increases.


,,Helloomarket is a product of Belcash ( the company behind Hellocash and other hello services ). It is market place for various products that ranges from apparel & accessories to tools & hardware.

HelloMarket claims to deliver all over Ethiopia. It’s available on the Web and on phone( 8420) . You can pay via a HelloCash as well us by cash.

Addis Mercato

,,Addis Mercato is a end-to-end e-commerce and logistics company that offers a wide range of high-quality products – from grocery shopping, electronics, men’s and women’s clothing, Ethiopian arts and crafts to high end indoor and outdoor furniture and appliances.

Addis Mercato is available on the Web. You can pay via CBE Birr, Mpesa, PayPal, Visa/MasterCard.

Mercato Online

,,Mercato Online is marketplace for a variety of products from Apparels to Electronics. Mercato Online deliver within a 5km radius of the sellers. It’s can be found on the Web, play store as well us on the phone.

DHL Africa e-shop

After DHL launched an e-commerce platform called DHL Africa eShop for global retailers to sell goods to Africa’s consumers markets, it also included Ethiopia as one the markets it is serving.

DHL Africa e-Shop allows you shop from 200 U.S. and U.K. retailers from Amazon to Macy’s. Your product is delivered through DHL Express in 5 – 14 days in Ethiopia. The only avaiable payment option now is only international cards ( Visa, MasterCard ) and Paypal.

Fetan Mart

,,Fetan Mart is a fairly new e-commerce platform with a unique model. Fetan manages the whole process from Inventory to online order and delivery which is free.

Fetan has it’s own warehouse, delivery van, motorcycles and it is targeting to sell a single item over and over again to the specific niche market. Fetan currently is providing a Home appliances targeting the medium income households.


,,Brundo is an E-commerce platform that serves as a mediator between buyers and sellers. Brundo claims to handle delivery all over Ethiopia and accept CBE Birr and helloCash through Yenepay, as well as Amole and EnquPay. For international payment it accepts paypal with Visa and MasterCard. It has an in house wallet system for instant payments and gift transfers.

Brundo also provides a virtual online store that is customizable to sellers wishing to sell their products online.

It also provides online charity fund collection systems, an online ticket selling platform with check-in tracking services.


,,Deamat is an online shopping platform for agricultural products. Deamat connect

small holders farmers with end consumers. Launched from Mekelle and now operates in Addis Abeba as well.

Deamat offers vegetables, fruits, herbs, meat and etc. Delivery price in Mekell is 30 ETB but being offered for free as of the moment while in Addis it ranges from 130 to 190 ETB based on the distance. Deamat accepts cash on delivery, Amole, M-birr and Hello Cash an the platform in Available on Web and Phone.


,,Utopia is an eCommerce platform that delivers food and drink, health and beauty, Household and baby care products across Addis Abeba.

Utopia accept Cash on delivery and is available on Web and Phone call. Delivery is free for all orders above 1000 ETB. If not, selivery fee is 100 ETB for delivery between 2- 4 hours while delivery in 24 hours will reduce it to 50 ETB.


,,Qefira is a major online marketplace where you can find diversified products and as well services providded by may sellers around the country.

Youc can find properties, Vechiles, Home tools, baby products and apartment to rent even.


A sisiter platform of the well know platforms like ,,Mekina.net ( Number one Car selling abd buying platform in Ethiopia ) and ,,Betoch ( Property buying and selling ), ,,Sheger.net is a marketplace for Electronics, Households, Clothing. It’s available on the Web.

FloMart ( Flobiller )

,,Flobiller know for being a primarily a bill payment platform is providing ecommerce service in it’s app.

,,Flomart is ( Flobiller ) is now provides a food delivery as wellus online shopping for various good and services. It is currently available on PlayStore. You can also pay via International Car and CBE Birr.

By Anteneh Tesfaye

He can be reached via anteneh@shega.org

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