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How COVID-19 is Accelerating Digital Transformation in Ethiopia

We are living in an unprecedented time where we are witnessing one of the major changes in the world order

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Ecommerce Platforms in Ethiopia

It’s Interesting time for Ecommerce ‘industry’ in Ethiopia for many reasons. The COVID-19 pandemic while changing the world like no another

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Why Ethiopian Businesses Need to Take Social Media Engagement Seriously

It is fair to say, a few years ago, not a lot of people dared or even thought to mention

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Importing from emerging economies and Smart Contracts

Importing from an emerging economy is exciting but needs to be done with enough research and good knowledge of the

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Could Africa be part of the Data Revolution?

Big Data a Hype or Revolution? was a title for a module I completed last year for a graduate program

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Kukulu, And Why We Need Games Made In Africa

“A beautiful princess and a charming prince protected by their gallant hero on a majestic horse wielding a shiny sword

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From Torrents of Data to Insightful Intelligence: Cloud BI and Analytics

Data is the new oil; It is increasingly becoming more valuable than ever before. Not only is it being generated

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Blockchain is Here and it’s Changing The World

Have you heard people saying “blockchain is the future”? You might know or not what blockchain means but let’s start